10 Beautiful Brush Fonts for Designers

brush fonts

There are unlimited numbers of brush fonts out there that you should check out.

Internet offers unlimited access to aesthetically-pleasing fonts with many different styles. Brush-style typography has been one of the top options for designers. Brush fonts vary in characteristics; sometimes it’s neatly brushy while other times appealing on its own way.

In this article, you’ll find our pick of the best brush-style typefaces.


brush fonts

This brush font has calligraphic look with smooth curves and edges. Brusher is a right choice for designers who want to show elegance with bolder look. You can download it for free from Behance.


Black Diamond

brush fonts

Black Diamond is a raw edgy-looking brush typeface has strong textures. An ultimate choice to deliver a loud, proud and carefree message.


brush fonts

Kust is a handwritten typeface with unique structure and distorted look by Ieva Mezule. The letters were drawn on hard paper with a thick brush using pure black ink along with the painting in the middle, all by Ieva Mezule.


brush fonts

This stylish brush font has a bold line with personality to add to your creations. Brux is available in two formats including OTF and TTF . Plus, Brux has Swedish, German and Spanish characters.


brush fonts

If you’re looking for a sleek looking brush font, Dekade will suit you just fine. This font has a modern look which functions strongly as a display or headline font. Dekade is great for logo, logo type, branding, wedding, fashion, label, book cover, t-shirt, Instagram post and other.


brush fonts

Macbeth has all uppercase and lowercase characters as well numbers, punctuation and a few extra marks. This unique hand-drawn font is great for awesome displays, labeling, clothing, posters, movie titles, album covers, logos and much more.


brush fonts

This is a hand drawn font in rough dry brush style. Includes uppercase, number, and punctuation. Details: OTF file TTF file WOFF file.


brush fonts

This brush script has bristled finish which combines elegance and modern look.

Gallow Tree

brush fonts

Gallow Tree is another free brush typeface drawn with Faber Castell brush pen. With a name from the song Up Jumped Devil, this font surely is spooky.


brush fonts

This handwritten brush font has over 90 characters and all basic glyphs. Leafy was created with various personality that you won’t find two leaves the same. Leafy is basically leaves that represent individuality.

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