13 Music Videos with Brilliant Typography Use

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There are so many ways to get creative on music video; one of them is by using typography in it.

Presently, the use of typography in music video is getting more and more common each day. It’s one of the good ways for artists to get creative in representing works that adds more value to it. In any case, typography offers a clever yet stylish way to display lyrics while engaging listeners with visual aesthetics.

For this reason, there’s no doubt why many artists use typography as their way to get creative in making music video. Typography gives a huge chance for lyrics to appear more attractively and being easily remembered. What’s more, it’s a brilliant way to celebrate typography in this world.

Below, we have 13 music videos with awesome typography use.

The Hush Sound – Lions Roar

This music video is probably one of the most satisfying to watch as it looks very professional. The smooth kinetic typography flows nicely along with the singer’s drawls that appear just great.

Jonathan Coulton – Shop Vac

Another example of great use of typography in music video can be seen in this song by Jonathan Coulton. The video shows moving type with details you got to adore.

Husbands – Dream

Besides of the catchy music, the music video appears to be one of the coolest. The lyrics are highlighted by a number of different fonts before exploding into a typography packed animation explosion.

Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are You Now? With Justin Bieber

This is probably one of the most popular music video on the internet. How is that so? It’s not only because of the bomb collaboration of the musicians but also artists that involved in the music video. This MV doesn’t fully contain typographical lyrics, but it sure is one of the best. It involves 24,000 pieces of art and we can’t deny it’s one of the coolest.

Kanye West ft T-Pain – Good Life

We’ve known Kanye West for his beautiful yet triggering music and so we expect the same for his music video. In collaboration with T-Pain, this music video makes the music even more vibrant with the typography and colors dominating the scene.

3LAU – Is It Love (feat Yeah Boy)

With simply white color in dominance, the typography use in this music video looks simple yet a perfect fit for the music. This music video features a collaboration of dancing typography and a dancer and there’s nothing more we could ask.

Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

Well, who doesn’t like Justice? This funk-disco duo produces ear-catching music along with eye-catching music video, just like this one. The video features a visually stimulating music video with typography and imagery moving on T-shirt.

Hannah Jane Lewis – Aftershock

Next, we have a music video that brings vintage vibe through its use of 80s film as inspiration. Aftershock features 13 different typefaces and various animations. Definitely, a brilliant way to use typography in a lyrical music video.

Odezenne – Dedans

This music video features sketch-based, faux-vintage animation. With a clever use of typography, this music video brings a very sophisticated look that sure will catch your eyes.

Jay Z – Hello, Brooklyn

Unlike most of the videos above, Hello Brooklyn comes with black and white typography. Even so, the music video has successfully engaged listeners with its non-colorful look. This tribute to Brooklyn features most designers’ favorite font; Helvetica plus B&W photography.

Zulu – Realize

This music video by Zulu presents typography with neon light that gives the lettering exposure. In addition, the black background gives a huge stage for the colorful typography appears contrast and stunning.

Caro Emerald – That Man

If you’re familiar with Saul Bass’s work, then you’ll notice that this video has Saul Bass work as inspiration. The typography and color of 60s movie credit-style brings nostalgia to life.

Lushlife – Magnolia

Magnolia by Lushlife features a very simple yet beautiful typography use. In contrast to the previous tracks that use high-tech to show types, Lushlife shows it in another way. The music video presents playful use of physical cardboard-cutout words with provoking narrative. Another great example for typography use in music video.

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