16 Premium Script Fonts Perfect for Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation

If you’re looking for script fonts that will match your wedding, we have it right here just a scroll away.

When planning a wedding, you have to think precisely about everything, including fonts. In a wedding, fonts are commonly used for the invitation or even on the photo booth. A great font for wedding invitation needs to be more than just beautiful and wedding-y, it also needs to be clear and easy to read. Script font is a good answer for the criteria we just mentioned, plus it has a lot of variations that can suit your personality.

While choosing for the right font for your wedding needs might be tough to do, we have a list of script fonts that you can make use of.


script fonts for wedding invitation

Peaches is a calligraphic font with oblique style that serves a classic thin look. This font will get you a perfect wedding look as it’s an elegant and sweet font. Along with the beaut, Peaches also includes many features that suit your needs.


script fonts for wedding invitation

If you’re into bold look on your wedding invitation, Anisha is a definite option. This script font gives you an impression of a beautiful modern calligraphy. Anisha also comes with multi-language supports covering Afrikaans, Albanian, Spanish and many more.

Tosca Beauty

script fonts for wedding invitation

Tosca Beauty is script font with design that will add authenticity to your design. This script font is available for alternative font and ligatures and suitable for your custom wedding invitation.

Just Signature

script fonts for wedding invitation

Just Signature is a modern script with natural handwriting style. Not only it’s pretty, the classy vibe of the font can also add elegance to your wedding designs.


script fonts for wedding invitation

Now, this font might for people with thin as their type. Prestiquen is a modern calligraphic font that has its own way to show casualty. It comes with four different variation; regular, slant, bold and slant bold.


script fonts for wedding invitation

Halimun is a font that’s suitable for basically any project with handwriting taste. The script looks simple, natural and stylish all at the same time.

Gatlik Saphir

script fonts for wedding invitation

Enhance your creativity in making wedding design with this classic script font. Gatlik Saphir has the classic look along with modern element that will look good on your special occasion.


script fonts for wedding invitation

Your wedding designs will ultimately look fabulous with this handwriting taste font. Inspired by the beauty of woman, the author makes the font looks like it comes directly from the softness of a woman. Jelytta is a great option for you who like bold and classy font.

Salute Riches

script fonts for wedding invitation

Salute Riches is a handwritten script font with hand-lettering pen style. The font is rich in features and suitable for any design project, including wedding.

Oliver Quin

script fonts for wedding invitation

This beautiful low italic script font is a definite answer for you who seek for stylish look for your wedding. Oliver Quin offers a stunning pen movement harmony that suits for many kind of design projects, include yours.


script fonts for wedding invitation

This calligraphic handwritten font is for everyone with love for a little rough and wavy look. Chalisto script allows you to create custom dynamic text is just ideal for your wedding needs.


script fonts for wedding invitation

Kite is a combination of thick-thin lines, inconsistent height, lose-tight kerning and unique baseline that creates a natural hand-writing feeling.

NicoleWhite Signature

script fonts for wedding invitation

NicoleWhite is a creation of natural writing techniques that makes the font looks just amazing for your wedding designs. This signature script font has eight different font types with two alphabetic type swashes.


script fonts for wedding invitation

Mellisa comes with look that’s just right for wedding invitation. Come enjoy the beautiful details because you might want to have Mellisa to take part in your wedding.


script fonts for wedding invitation

This classy typeface fulfills our needs for feminine and elegant look that’s just so attractive. Zelda comes with a bunch of ornamental characters that you can freely custom for your special needs.

Hello Violetta

script fonts for wedding invitation

Hello Violetta is bringing everyone a huge deal of how modern script can look satisfyingly beautiful. Every single letter has been carefully crafted and is ideal for wedding invitation.

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