5 Food Packaging Inspirations


Don’t judge a book by its cover is so outdated for some reasons. We should learn to accept the fact that what’s on the outside is just as important as on the inside. People are visual creature by nature, that’s what makes appearances vital. This also goes along with packaging designs.

Just as important as the product, packaging design is a key part of marketing the product itself. Not merely it represents the value of the product; a good design must reflect the personality of the company. Clearly packaging design has to be both eye-catching and functional.

If you’re about to design packaging or might want to ask for a graphic designer to create one, you may want to take a look of the food packaging inspirations we got below.

Good Hair Day Pasta


When your favorite food meets a great packaging design, what else should you be concerned? This pasta packaging design of Nikita Konkin has won a number of prestigious international awards for its uniqueness. There are three kinds of pastas with different hair packages all based on the pasta shapes.

Naughty But Rice


As rice pudding gains more and more popularity, The Hain Daniels Group launched their own pudding rice with an ordinary design of packaging. Naughty But Rice not just playing with the words, the vibrant color totally get along with the image of product. It’s all thanks to RobotFood, they made it possible for a pot of rice pudding to look that rice?

Gaea Fruit Bar


Nothing could go wrong with simplicity, including for designing a package. This fruit bar has one of the most satisfying look that makes it stand out from its opponents. When most fruit bar packaging has these typical crowded details with loads of information, mousegraphics went minimal with the close up image of the fruit for each of the variant. With a little information of the ingredients, it’s a great example of how simplicity works best sometimes.

Hexagon Honey


This concept work for Hexagon Honey sure is a combination of simplicity and beauty. Maks Arbuzov made the package with the concept to display naturalness of the product in natural forms. The design is very simple as to make clear of what’s inside the jar and when it’s stacked, the jars will look like beehive which double the coolness of this honey packaging.

La Michoacana


La Michoacana is a traditional Mexican paleteria that has been around the market for ages. The company then changes the concept they were using by changing their packaging. This new packaging has a see-through design with sophisticated color palette to show its brand new modern look. The reason was to bring natural feel that customer can see by the natural colors and textures of the paleteria. One of Parallel’s best work for sure.

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