5 Top Typography Apps for Android and iOS

typography apps

Sometimes you need more than a picture to speak a thousand words, we suggest you to put text on pictures by using these typography apps for Android and iOS.

One of the common ways to spice up a picture is by adding more filters. Many photo editing apps provide filters to use for free and it’s just getting popular with additional elements like stickers. However, some of us are not into filters or that we want more than just filters to get creative with. Today, we give you 5 of the best typography apps that you can use on Android or iOS gadgets.


typography apps

Phonto will help you create artful images or backgrounds with stunning typography edits. It has about 200 free fonts for Android users and about 400 fonts iOS users which you can customize. Moreover, you can change the color, resize, rotate, add shadows and manage the spacing. Complete package for a typography app right? [Download: Android & iOS]


typography apps

Just like its name, you can use Quick to instantly add text onto your photos. Simply pick a photo from your gadget, add some text and voila! In addition to its simplicity, the app provides users a quick view of how the type looks on your photo as you slide through the different fonts. Also, you can adjust size and the color of your text which makes Quick even cooler. [Download: Android & iOS]


typography apps

Another top typography app for Android and iOS is Over. This app lets you freely create art piece with many options of illustrations and fonts. It lets you create from greeting cards to inspirational quotes quickly and easily with all the additional object features. [Download: Android & iOS]


typography apps

PicLab is a photo editor with plenty functions which includes adding beautiful typography. You can apply effect, filter, light FX, textures, borders, patterns and stickers on your photos just freely. Besides of its plentiful features, the watermark of PicLab remains glued which you can remove by paying $1. [Download: Android & iOS]


typography apps

Fontee provides users with the capability to create beautiful artwork directly to your camera. It adds real-time text and filters to your camera that you can freely share with your friends. It also has more various features like free stickers and backgrounds. [Download: Android]

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