7 Premium Font Duos Every Designer Should Own


Two is better than one is a correct statement when it comes to font; we have some top premium font duos that make you want to own it.

Most of times, you need a new font that can function well to your entire project. While it can take more time to match two or more fonts, font duo is a great alternative to this situation. Not only will it save you time, you don’t have to worry about the chance of the fonts to be incompatible. Below, we have some of our top font duo collection that can make your design shine out.



To begin with, there’s Slav. This font duo gives you strong and energetic feeling through its quick stokes and sharp details. It is perfect for many kinds of design project, be it for logo, apparel, packaging, you name it. Slav contains two font files, Slav clean and Slav rough.



This font Brandy is for designers who love using monoline font. It comes in two variations, script and sans that you can use to get creative with your design projects. When using the script, you get two other options which are regular and clean. This elegant monoline font duo is ideal for when you need a font that delivers vintage and elegant feeling all at once.



If you’re into lovely font duo, Carrolina is certainly one of them. Carrolina is a sweet font with a touch of elegance and beauty that’s just hard to resist. This font also comes with a bunch of doodle art that can make your design projects more fun.



Himalaya is a vintage set type that includes one script and one sans serif font. This monoline font is a great font that gives you authentic handwriting look as both script and sans serif font are hand-drawn with a rough edge. What’s more, Himalaya gives you extras that you can use to make your design one of a kind.

Rocket Clouds


Inspired by 80s music and neon lights, Rocket Clouds is for you who seek for nostalgic pop style. This font comes with two styles; Rocket Clouds regular and Rocket Clouds alt. You can use this font to make your design projects come to life.



This great combination of sans and script fonts can make your design project easier. With its use of bold yet flexible characteristics, you can use Henshin font duo for many design needs. Moreover, Henshin sans comes in two styles; regular and bold so you have more options to design.

Cute Thing


Last on the list, we have Cute Thing. This handwriting font duo comes with two different styles, script and sans. Just like its name, Cute Thing will bring you a sweet font that’s perfect for poster, cover, banner and more.


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