7 Sweet Fonts That You Can’t Help but Own


Make your design even more eye-pleasing with these sweet premium fonts.

To make something beautiful is always a demand and for graphic designers, font choice can be one of the answers. In order to make your design visually appealing, you can use fonts that can sweeten up your already amazing work. Below, we have a list of fonts that can help you do that.

Strawberry Night


This sweet hand-drawn font is for every design needs especially food and kids related designs. Strawberry Night comes with doodles and swashes which adds value to its super-smooth lines and curves.



Society is a font that can help you create a stunning look out of its custom hand-lettering feeling. This font also has many features including numeral and multilingual supports which makes it an ideal font for many projects.

Belle Âme


This lovely font consists of two typefaces; Belle Âme script and Cute Trouble which can make your design stands out from the crowd. The two typefaces come with opentype features with alternate ligatures that can make your design way more fun.



This bold font is filled with unique extrude shadow that gives sweet and savory looks to it. Mochalate has many features that can help design projects like packaging, poster or even logo look sweeter. What’s more, there are alternate glyphs that you can use to customize the letters. So much fun!

Sweet Bubble


Add flavor to your projects using this cute and fun font, Sweet Bubble. This font suits almost every project such as branding, business cards, posters and printable products. The bubbles from this font vary in size and shape which can make your design playful.

Break Times


Break Times is a font which has modern and unique forms of calligraphy. This font comes with multilingual supports which add function to its playful characteristic. Break Times is suitable for many projects including branding, logo, posters and more.



Last on the list we have Naishila, a lovely font duo that comes with semi-bold, stylish and lovely look. With the stylistic sets and ligatures, this font is suitable for awesome projects like business cards, greeting cards, branding and more.


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