7 Top Monoline Fonts You Should Own


Simplicity is everything in design; one way to accomplish it is by using monoline fonts.

There are so many fonts out there that we can use to make our design. However, not all kinds can help make a design looks minimalist and stunning at the same time. Today, we have a list of beautiful monoline fonts that make your design look simply amazing.



First on the list, we have Olivia. This monoline font is rich with modern calligraphic model and sophisticated flow which makes it perfect for many design needs. Olivia also comes with a beautiful bold version and swashes that you freely change. The smooth texture is perfect for all kinds of printing techniques, gold foil and even embroidery.



This monoline font, Cattalleya comes with a fine line curve and numbers of features. You will have three different options of stylistic alternate that’s just great for many kinds of design projects. What’s more, Cattalleya also comes with multilingual support which includes more than 10 languages. Awesome!

Beauty Straw


Beauty Straw is a handmade font that offers us four different styles; regular, inline, monoline and bold. This fabulous font is created by using regular pen which makes it authentic and special. Indeed, you can use Beauty Straw to design definitely everything, logos, wedding invitation, apparel, restaurant menus, just name it.



This monoline font comes with a sleek minimalist look that you’re gonna love. The reason is because Kinan is a fresh looking script font with functions that’s just perfect for many kinds of design project. It’s also perfect for you who need a touch of refinement and modernity as a headline font.

Drama Queen


Drama Queen presents us a font that looks clean and classy with its signature style. The smooth monoline script font can portray an easy and playful feeling which makes it suitable for simple design. In addition, Drama Queen comes with alternates that you can access easily for your needs.



Annisa is a monoline font with beautiful handwritten style that makes it look both natural and elegant. What’s more, this font comes with two different styles; regular and italic/slant. This beautiful is suitable for various design projects, especially ones that need sleek font.



This Koala is not something you want to pet but a monoline font. Koala is a simple yet beautiful handwritten monoline font with a very casual look. It’s simple, smooth and most importantly, it can make any minimalist design project a handy work.

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