9 Stunning Use of Typography in Movie Poster


There really are many good movie posters out there; some of them involve stunning use of typography, just like this nine.

There are a lot to think about when making movies; one of the most important is the poster. Poster is part of what makes it successful movie marketing. To make a great movie poster that stand out from others, some directors come out with the use of typography in their poster. While it’s true that typography offers something different, not all movies with typography looks stunning. Then again, we got you nine of the most creative typography use that can really inspire you.

27 Dresses


Poster designers usually have to deal with all the credits which sometimes doesn’t get in the way too much. Well unlike many posters, 27 Dresses comes with a poster that incorporates the credits and the title fully in the poster’s image. Also, all the text constructs a dress that perfectly matches the title. We can definitely say that this poster is a great example of creative use of typography in movie.

The Godfather


This great poster comes from a great movie which people easily recognize; The Godfather. This movie poster features a brilliantly simple yet powerful use of typography in a strong black and white graphic along with puppeteer pulling strings. All this simply wonderful design came from the hands of legendary graphic designer S. Neil Fujita.

West Side Story


For those who already familiar with Saul Bass’ work, you might think it’s one of his poster design. The poster looks very much in the typical Bass-manner with the domination red as the background color. However, we just learned the poster was not the work of Bass but Joseph Caroff. Joseph Caroff is a graphic designer who apprenticed with French poster maestro Jean Carlu. He’s also famous for designing the famous 007 logo and other graphics for many other prominent movies.

Dancer in the Dark


Dancer in the Dark is a Danish musical drama film directed by Lars von Trier with Björk starring in it. The movie poster features a snellen eye chart which related to the background of the movie. The movie is about a daydreaming immigrant factory worker who has a degenerative eye condition and is saving up to pay for an operation for her young son, who shares the condition. Not only it’s typographically clever, it made close connection to the story of the movie itself.

Moonrise Kingdom


As everyone in design industry probably clings into the charm Wes Anderson made in every of his movies, there’s no way Moonrise Kingdom is not noticeable. The stunning use of graphics are top notch, as you might have read this, Anderson has such standard for his movie. Just like the graphics, the typography also becomes one of his concerns that results in this beautiful and engaging typographic poster. The typography used in the poster and the whole movie was created by type designer, Jessica Hische.

Using Edwardian script as a starting off, Hische tried to develop the script as the kind of font that will suit Anderson’s need. Not so long after, Anderson asked Hische to change the letter-basing with title card from La Femme Infidèle (1969). In addition, Anderson also asked Hische to make the typeface look rather 60s American, “This is more along the lines of what we want. What if we did these in your style, made it feel more ’60s American rather than ’40s French?”

Beautiful Losers


Beautiful Losers celebrates the spirit of one of the most influential cultural moment of a generation. As seen, the poster is rich in creative typography and colors which reflects the story of the movie. In like manner, the movie poster features the cultural moments by reflecting the DIY subcultures and street art. It’s all thanks to Keith Scharwath, a Los Angeles-based graphic designer. The idea he used for the butterfly came from Aaron Rose, the director of the film. His main concern in making the poster is to connect to people and that’s how he created this amazing piece of typographic art.

Big Fish


From one of the most popular director Tim Burton, Big Fish poster comes with nature as its background. The typography of the poster lies in the title film through a display of dead trees. The title itself can really tell that this film was so Tim Burton despite the chosen color. However, this typographic poster still represents the dark and eccentric horror feelings.

I’m Still Here


It seems like Neil Kellerhouse did a beautiful yet right thing with the design of I’m Still Here poster. The clever typography use in the documentary movie poster shows the resemblance with the title which barely there. The poster gives a great deal of content, concept and design that’s just so pretty with the use what seems like Didot font. Kellerhouse’s other works for movie posters include “The Social Network” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.



This drama movie about interracial couple by Jeff Nichols gives you a nostalgic feeling with a simple use of typography in the title. The poster features casts, Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton in a dreamy, nostalgic light along with romantic serif type. The poster brings out the romance and elegance through the use of Adobe Caslon Pro Italic which is why there’s no doubt why even poster this simple becomes mesmerizing.

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