9 Top Fonts for Magazine Design


Want your magazine design to look neat and readable? Here are some fonts that can help you do that.

Every design requires uniqueness to make it stand out, including magazines. To complete the unique design, magazines should use fonts that are clear and easy to read. Below, we have a collection of fonts that will make your magazine or catalog designs even more outstanding.



Vesper is the new all caps geometric sans inspired by unique stylistic elements from the 70s and the 80s. It’s clean and versatile with extended characters and two weights plus matching oblique that are just ideal for magazine design. Each of the weight features three unique styles that can be layered together for you to mix and match.



If you need something fresh to start with, especially for the title then this font is for you. Magz is a smooth and beautiful font perfect for your magazine and other commercial work.



Sometimes a simple sans serif font can make the most out of a design. Just like its name, Tower is a tall letter that’s beyond attractive and rich in features. It comes in four styles including, regular, rustic, round and rustic round.



Wandani is a decorative yet minimalist font that’s going to bring modernity to your design. It looks simple, fresh and most importantly legible.



Thick is the new charm and it obliviously applies to fonts too. Valent is a bold font with thick and charming look that can make your retro needs of font fulfilled. It comes with a bunch of features including logotype templates, illustrations and two styles; modern clean and rustic finish. Almost everything you can get in just one font.



With a careful consideration in the work for this font, the creator tried to come up with multiple type families that can work together seamlessly. Athariz is a clean typeface that works great for any kinds of design including magazine. It has 4 styles which are clean regular, clean italic, outline italic and outline regular, all multilingual.



Hustle is a display typeface that comes with features that will level up your magazine design. It has 5 layer systems with two styles; clean and rustic. Hustle has a retro industrial feel with clean top layer that makes it have a modern feel as well. It’s clear and flexible to match to make great designs.



It might look like another serif font at first, but Velocity has a lot more to offer. This font has a unique look with ligature feature that will bring the charm out of it. Velocity comes in four styles; regular, bold, italic and SVG which makes it an unforgettable font. It’s perfect for any design projects like banner, blog and magazine.



Last but not least, there’s Nuevo. This sans serif comes with elegant style that can put class into your design. It has three different styles including regular, bold and light along with multilingual support. It’s great for magazine, poster, logo and many more.

So which font do you think suits your magazine design the most? The modern elegant or the retro one?

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