Artists Pay Tribute to the Legendary Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Artists around the world pay tribute to Marvel legend Stan Lee on social media.

You must have heard the sad news about the tragic passing of Stan Lee on 12th of November. The American comic book writer, editor, and publisher passed away by the age of 95, leaving fans with legacy that will always be remembered including co-created characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk and the X-Men. Along with his marvelous art, Stan Lee is also known for his cameos in the Marvel cinematic universe.

His contribution to comic book leave such an imprint to fans that most of them turn it into creative works. You can find creatives commemorating this lost through hashtags #StanLee #StanLeeRIP #StanLeeForever on Twitter and other social media platforms. The memory of him and all the superheroes he created as part of us growing up with will forever stay with us, RIP Stan Lee.

See some of the most heartbreaking tributes below.

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