Best Summer Patterns for Your Design

Behold! Summer is coming and it’s just the perfect time to bring on fresh patterns to your design.

When it comes to designing projects for the dog days, many expect for it to come out as colorful and fun. One of design elements that get the most attention in the season is patterns. Patterns on hot weather are identical with tropical colors which look rather playful than other seasons. Well whether you’re designer or want to assign someone to get your design done; we have several suggestions on best patterns to use for the project. Here are some that you can get for an affordable price.

Sweet Strawberry


What’s fresher than a set of patterns with strawberries on it? Yes some other fruit maybe. But look at how practical this pattern set with 12 patterns and 4 DL postcard templates as a bonus.



Another freshness you can add to your design can come from this Watermelon pattern. It has 6 seamless fully editable patterns. You can change its color or resize it as you wish for great results.

Summer Digital Paper

This set of patterns comes with multiple choices of tropical pattern designs including flamingos, pineapples, hibiscus flowers and more. With the colorful pallet you can make loads of scrapbooking, craft projects and it’s even great for website and blog wallpaper.

Summer Travel Kit 

You have different preference for the color of your projects? We have this option, Summer Travel Kit which comes with 3 summer and travel vibe patterns. It has variations and most importantly, the darker color that you might like the best.


You can never run out of fruit when it’s summer. We have another option for you who like sour taste with this Lemons patterns. It has 6 seamless patterns with lemons, fully editable and in high resolution.

Sea Life

Since we already have fruit, flamingos and plants, what about adding some marine life into your design? This sea life set of patterns consists of 6 fully editable sea creatures including fish, shells and more.

Forever Summer Land 

Summer breeze and beach are like inseparable in this season. Bring the vibe to your design by adding this pack of Forever Summer Land patterns. With all its hand-drawn strokes your design will surely draw people’s attention.

So, any of the patterns above catches your eye? Let us know.

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