Can the New Spider-Man: Far from Home Poster Get Any Worse?


The new Spider-Man: Far From Home poster is far from expectation.

Marvel fans are longing for the franchise’s new movie that comes from one of Marvel’s superheroes, Spider-Man. The poster design however, is not something a lot of people will probably have interest in, not the fans especially. The franchise just released a poster for the IMAX screening promotion.


Released on the official Spider-Man Far From Home Instagram page, the poster features main characters along with famous landmarks from around the world as the background. Unlike the recent release retro poster from Wonder Woman 1984, the Spider-Man’s doesn’t get many upvote from the internet. And for sure, this makes the whole internet want to get creative about it.

Yet, the internet still has loads of great artists giving amazing alternative designs like this one.

Despite all the cons on the IMAX screening poster, maybe we should look at the bright side. The poster is not the final poster and the fact that great graphic designer is highly needed in film industry will probably cheer some of us up. Not so bad, right?

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