How to Get the Design Results You Want Without Bugging Your Designer


Every successful project takes both client and designer to work together. Here are some tips to do it the best way.

When you assign designers for a project, you must expect the best result. However, it is not easy to make a design process smooth while giving honest feedback. There are some things you need to consider including the simplest one like knowing the difference between what you want and what you need. Regardless how much a work designers put to your project, giving them complete information about the project is your part and it has to be clear. Here are some of the ways to communicate your project’s need.

Be open-minded

First and most importantly, design process needs open-mindedness to make it run smooth. We can’t avoid the fact that some of us clients know very little about design. This also means that we need to trust our designer to for example give out or choose other new ideas that might work better.

Be realistic with what you need

Often times, we set up high expectations when assigning professionals to do jobs. But can it really turn great when we don’t know exactly what we need? Well if you’re not sure, you should take a look back at your designer’s portfolio, is he even ideal for the project? Moreover, it’s also important to be realistic with your budget. Projects with professional look will need professional price too.

Be specific

Another thing to remember when giving feedback is that you need to have a clear understanding about the work. You can’t just go with the “I don’t know agree with the result but I don’t know why”. You can take your time to think through the product and communicate the details to the designer so the designer can come up with solutions. Just remember to help them, because we know they’re not clairvoyant, right?

Talk in person

Next is to talk your problems out with your designer in person. This might take more guts and not at all handy than email but you can avoid misinterpretation. Also, you can directly communicate your ideas so it’s more understandable which can lead to great communication. Then it can lead to great design result.

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