Take a Look at the Typeface the 2019 Mazda 3 Just Released


Mazda’s new typeface might not be noticeable but it’s here now.

There can be some details that you can easily notice on the all-new 2019 Mazda 3 but not the font. Yup, the  just released a new typeface called Mazda Type that will represent the entire brand. Julien Montousse, the company’s North American senior director of design describes the type as more vertical than the old font, Interstate.

This new font takes part on some interior bits on the new Mazda 3 including trunklid badges and floor mats. Not only the on the interior, the company already uses this font for all of its internal communications.  This comes as an attempt to promote Mazda as premium company. “It’s about being distinctive and true to who we are,” Montousse said.

The Mazda Type will roll out to every other Mazda model’s badges which we hope to make the company’s effort pay off. As Montoussed said this new type for the brand took many hours to come up with and we’re simply hoping the best for this huge automotive company.

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