WSJ Design; the New Website of The Wall Street Journal

wall street

The international daily newspaper, The Wall Street Journal launched a website and it’s specifically for the love of design.

The Wall Street Journal has launched a website that we designers must feel special about. The SVP also Head of Design Che Douglas spearheaded the new website with the name of ‘WSJ Design’. This new website aims to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at design over at The Wall Street Journal. “Follow along as we continue to improve and innovate on our existing products, launch new ones and help shape the future of how people consume news,” described on the introduction.

WSJ Design provides readers with information ranging from the WSJ’s creative team, videos about what it means to be a designer at the publication, a portfolio of projects, to the redesign process of the WSJ iPhone app.

So, start your journey to the whole new source of design inspiration now here.

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