What is the membership program?

You can join the membership for $19/month and access unlimited downloads on Vsual. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want. The license you get for every product you download is the Standard License which is the same license you’ll get if you purchase a single product. The only difference is once you cancel the membership you can no longer use any products you’ve downloaded on Vsual (personally or commercially), while the license for the single purchase is for a lifetime.

What is Flash Sale?

Flash Sale is a weekly offer where every Wednesday you can purchase a product with 80% to 90% discount in 24 hours, after that, the price will go back to its normal price. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get notified once a new Flash Sale comes up.

What is Weekly Freebie?

It is a program where every week we have one premium product offered as a free download for a week, after that it will go back to premium. As a return, we’ll promote the shop of the author in the newsletter as well as the exposure that comes to the Weekly Freebie product page.


How to download my purchased products?

To download your products, please make sure that you are logged into your account. You will find the links to all of your purchased items under the Downloads page. If you buy a subscription, you can download the product by visiting the product page and click the download button.

Can I purchase with Credit Card?

Not at this time. But, you still can make a purchase with a Credit Card through PayPal. You don’t need to register with PayPal to pay with a major Credit Card through their service.

What if I want to refund?

We 100% guarantee you’ll love our products, but if you don’t, contact us and tell us why. We’ll gladly issue a refund of your most recent payment.

How to cancel a subscription?

You are free to cancel a subscription at any time. All you need to do is visit your account and you can manage your subscriptions by going to the Subscriptions page. Canceling a subscription will prevent automatic renewal payments from processing.


How to become an author?

We love having new talented independent creators on our side. Feel free to fill out a form in this page and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

How to offer a product for Weekly Freebie?

To offer a product as a weekly freebie, simply email us at with the subject line: Weekly Freebie, and let us know which of your product do you want to offer.

How to offer a product for Flash Sale?

To offer a product as a flash sale product, simply email us at with the subject line: Flash Sale, and let us know which of your product do you want to offer.

How to request payout?

To request a payout, you need to visit your account and going to the Earnings page, scroll down to the Payouts section. There you can also see all your past earnings history. The minimum you can request is $50.

When can I expect to receive the money?

We’ll send the payment within the first week of the following month. Payments are processed on business days only. Business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays.


How to become an affiliate?

If you have potential channels whether its a blog/website or social media account with a certain amount of followers then you can earn some money with us. Feel free to fill out this form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.