Here at Vsual, we want to make it easy for you to license our resources for your projects appropriately. That’s why we created Vsual Simple License that has your needs covered and easy to understand.

Here are what you can and cannot do with all resources under Vsual Simple License:

You Can

  1. You can use any items for both personal and commercial projects.
  2. You can use any items to create as many projects as long as your Vsual subscription remains active.
  3. You can use any items to create end products for sale for you and your client.
  4. You can modify any items to fit into your project.

You Can’t

  1. You can’t resell, or redistribute any items to any third party.
  2. You can’t use any downloaded premium items for commercial projects if your Vsual subscription is no longer active.

Feel free to contact us if you there is something you might want to know about our license.